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Office Chairs Repairs & Servicing

Insta Repairs is a well recognized company in provision of office chairs and couches related repairs services. We have an experienced roster of technicians, and we stock a  variety of office chairs replacements parts to enable us offer solutions to a wide range of designs of chairs.

Some of Our Office Chairs Solutions
Hydraulic Gaslifts
hydraulic Gaslifts office chairs replacement in Kenya

At Insta Rpairs we do stock best quality Office Chair Hydraulic Gas Lift Cylinder for Replacement needs. If your chairs are sinking (going down) when you sit on them; we will be more than happy to fix this for you.

Office Chairs Re-Uphostery services in Kenya

Having a worn out chair in the office, be it a leather, fabric, mesh will not only kill morale of employees but also kill self confidence especially if they are used in reception areas or in top managers offices. Lets make them great looking again.

office chairs armrest replacemnt services in Kenya

Great for replacement or upgrade for your office chair arms & Replacement arm pads. If your chairs have broken armrest or torn leather or fabric armrest pads, at Insta Repairs we are able to help resolve this and you can have a neat office like before.

Office Chairs Mechanism Replacement Services in Kenya

When you need new office chair mechanisms to replace ones that have become old, ineffective or damaged, you can turn to Office Replacement Parts for a selection of options for every chair. At Insta Repairs we stock only heavy duty office chairs mechanisms.

Office Chairs Base Replacement services in Kenya

This heavy duty aluminum chair base can be used as a replacement for chairs and stools, these are  plastic and chrome  five-pronged, five-footed, star bases for office chairs. Our services are provided witting the comfort of the clients premises thus saving our customers the trouble for transporting the chairs to a physical store.

Castor Wheels
Office Chairs Castor Wheels Replacement Services in Kenya

Shop high quality, heavy duty Castor / Caster Wheels in Nairobi, Kenya, At insta repairs we do stock replacement office chairs castor wheels designed for standard chairs, stools. We have various designs that will match any design of your other chairs to maintain uniformity.

Other Electronic Appliances & Equipment

Water Dispensers
Water Dispensers Repairs Services in Kenya

Facing water dispenser issues like broken taps, water leaks, water not heating,  Water Tastes Unpleasant among other issues, , our technicians are here to put this to an end.

Microwave Repairs Services in Kenya

Broken doors, broken or missing nobs,  microwave not powering on, Microwave is not heating food, plate not spinning, making noise or any other issues you are facing, our team are on standby to offer a solution.

Fridge & Freezers
fridges & Freezers Repairs Services in Kenya

Faulty compressor, thermostat, Ice Maker is Overflowing, Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough, fridge not turning on, Refrigerator Leaks Water, Refrigerator Is Too Noisy or any other issue you might be facing with your fridge, give us a call.

Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum Cleaners Repairs Services in Kenya

You are reading this because your vacuum cleaner is not working, it may have lost suction, has a broken belt, its noisy or the brush works no more. These and more problems our technicians can solve.

Gas Cookers
Gas Cookers Repairs Services in Kenya

If your  gas oven burner won’t ignite, Gas cooker door won’t close or broken, gas odour or detected gas leakages our qualified team are willing and ready  to come out to diagnose and fix your gas cooker.

Washing Machines
Washing Machines Repairs Services in Kenya

Do you have a Vibrating/noisy Washing machine, is it leaking? Or it wont turn on, wont drain, smelly or detergent wont dispense. Inst Repairs Technicians are ready and willing to come to your office/home to offer a solution.

TV Screens
tv repairs services in kenya

Cracked TV Screen, Tv turns on but no picture, or cant turn on completely, Video not matching Audio, Hearing an Echo, your Flat Screen Plasma, LED, OLED, or QLED has lines, reach to us today to get help.

Projectors repairs services in Kenya

Projector Not Turning On, its overheating, light on the projecting blinks, the lamp is not working or the image is discolored? These common and more projector issues can be fixed by reaching out to Insta Repairs technicians.

Piano & Keyboards
pianos repairs services in Kenya

Broken, Damaged, Stuck, Sticky or dirty piano keys, buzzing sounds, out of tune, sustain pedal not working, keyboard or piano not powering on, notes sustain for so long. Its time you talk to our able technicians who will help you play your sweet music again.